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Friendly Fire

Penta Keys HR Layout


Orange Lighting Switch that was built into Penta Keys is a new generation of mechanical switches which don't use metal contact, but a laser that detects when the key is being pressed. It enables an almost immediate response, high precision and a better typing feeling. The switches require 45g to activate with a 1,50mm travel distance and a durability of up to 100 million clicks. Besides that, the switches return much faster than those in the classic mechanical keyboards which provides the ability to press them again faster. The feeling you get on key press is soft, tactile and incredibly fast.


Friendly Fire Penta Keys weighs a 1,000 grams. The top is made out of aluminium and the base out of a high quality ABS which, in combination with the robust legs and knit USB cable, provides durability even to the most demanding users. Penta Keys enables you to simultaneously press and register unlimited amount of keys with a 1,000Hz polling rate that guarantees a 1ms response. It also sends info to the computer a 1,000 times per second.


Every switch has its own RGB lighting diode and each diode is connected to one system which enables fluid transitions and color overflow. Other than a few previously programmed lighting settings, it is possible to configure your own lighting pattern with the help of the Friendly Fire Gear Tuner.

Friendly Fire Gear Tuner

Everyone can adjust the Friendly Fire Penta Keys to their own gaming habits by using the Friendly Fire Gear Tuner which uploads the configuration to the cloud and automatically synchronizes it with the Friendly Fire account.

Download v1.0.2

What other gamers have to say

The keyboard looks great, the adjustable buttons are my favorite.


... the switches of this keyboard are extremely fast in both click and return so extremely fast and smooth gaming is possible.

PC Ekspert

I have had a mechanical keyboard so far, but this one is a lot quieter and the typing feel is better.



Friendly Fire Penta Keys has up to 24 months of warranty with provided service and tech support until the end of year 2023. To carry out the warranty, you need nothing but the product itself: with the serial number we will be able to know all the necessary details.


  • Full keyboard size - 104 keys
  • QWERTY HR layout
  • Orange Lighting opto-mechanical switches
  • Pressure: 45g
  • 1.50mm path of activation
  • 1.000Hz ultra fast polling
  • Unlimited number of simultaneously pressed keys
  • Aluminium top
  • Firm ABS base
  • Robust legs
  • Dimensions 445 × 173 × 33mm, weight 1,000g
  • 2m black knit USB cable
  • Friendly Fire Gear Tuner configuration
  • Configurable RGB lighting

Friendly Fire

Penta Keys HR Layout

1.098,00 HRK -40%

659,00 HRK


+ 3.900 in Friendly Fire Esports Arenas
Delivery: 45,00 HRK
Delivery time
 1-3 work days

Friendly Fire Penta Keys is an opto-mechanical keyboard designed to provide an uncompromising pleasure and typing precision with minimal response time. If you thought that every keyboard is the same - you haven't tried Penta Keys.

Considering that the GEN2 Penta Keys Series is mostly made for German and Austrian market, Croatian keyboard layout had to be made separately. For that reason Penta Keys HR Layout is a little bit more expensive than the Penta Keys DE Layout.


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