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eSport Arena

Headshot Melody


eSport Arena Headshot Melody are gaming headphones designed to give the player an advantage and turn the gaming experience into pleasure. They provide incredibly precise sound, comfort of long term wearing, great isolation and an eSport microphone.


Headshot Melody headphones have their own audio card which, combined with big (53mm) speakers made of neodymium magnets and high quality isolating pads, makes sure the sound is crystal clear and high volume. The signal travels from the source to the audio card completely digitally - no losses and noise.


It's not easy making headphones which behave the same in a bedroom and in a loud eSport competition. When a player puts on the Headshot Melody headphones, he enters a sound-isolated world. Specially constructed microphone, which draws from the left headphone, accepts only the sound coming directly to it and uses exclusively hardware to isolate the surrounding noise - without software intervention.


The base of the Headshot Melody headphones is made out of a combination of aluminium and a high quality rubberised ABS with large and soft pads. The speakers have a barrel shaped housing which enables them to fit the head shape perfectly. That way the pressure gets dispersed which allows the player to wear them for longer periods of time without causing additional stress.

eSport Arena Gear Software

Everyone can adjust the eSport Arena Headshot Melody headphones to their own gaming habits by using the eSport Arena Gear Software which uploads the configuration to the cloud and automatically synchronizes it with the eSport Arena account. Besides the RGB lighting configuration, it is possible to configure the 7.1 software sound projection.

eSport Arena Gear is currently in development and will soon be available for download.


eSport Arena Headshot Melody headphones have up to 24 months of warranty with provided service and tech support until the end of year 2023. To carry out the warranty, you need nothing but the product itself: with the serial number we will be able to know all the necessary details.


  • Stereo headphones (with 7.1 software ability)
  • Digital sound without the noise and losses - USB connector
  • 53mm speakers made of neodymium magnets
  • 2,15m knit cable
  • Large and deep circular ear pads
  • 20 Hz - 20 kHz frequency response
  • 32 Ω @ 1 kHz impedance
  • 101 dB @ 1 kHz sensitivity
  • 20 mW maximum entry power
  • eSport one-way microphone
  • 100 Hz - 10 kHz microphone frequency response
  • ≤2,20 Ω @ 1 kHz impedance
  • 66 dB ± dB @ 1 kHz sensitivity
  • Analog sound volume wheel
  • Microphone toggle switch
  • RGB lighting

eSport Arena

Headshot Melody

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eSport Arena Headshot Melody gaming headphones are designed to provide the player with an advantage and turn the gaming experience into pleasure. They grant the player an incredibly precise sound, comfort of a long term wearing, perfect isolation and an eSport microphone.